Monthly Archives: August 2015

All re-coloured and re-fitted.

Fast Progress

28th August 2015
Progress is quick, she is going back together far more easily than expected. We are just hoping we get the remaining paint panels back soon or we will run out of things to do.

Interior at the end of today, lots of progress made.

Let the Re-Fit Begin

26th August 2015
The re-fit of all of the parts has begun now. Trim and interior parts are going back in apace. Progress is far quicker than I anticipated.

Those famous 'coke bottle' lines look gorgeous in gloss black.

Body Back From Paint!

24th August 2015

The main body is back from paint. The painter has done a lovely job. Although the bonnet (hood), wings (fenders), and boot lid (trunk) are to follow. Now we can begin building it back up.


Loaded on the recovery truck and on her way to the paint shop.

Off to Paint

21st August 2015

Today is the day when the impala went off to paint. Can’t wait till she is back with us and we can continue putting her together.

Progress should hopefully quick once she is painted.

Almost finished in the engine bay.

She’s Alive!!!

She is alive and runs!

It was nice to get the engine running again after it was stripped, refurbished and rebuilt. Before we tried to start it we had turned it over without the distributor to get oil and fuel where it needed to be.

She sounds lovely on open headers but we will be fabricating and fitting the new stainless exhaust before she is back on the road.


The engine is now nearly ready to be started. Not much more to do under here.

Engine Nearly Finished

17th August 2015

Engine is nearly finished. We may be able to start her up tomorrow. We will keep you updated.

Now it is fitted the axle looks like new.

Rear Suspension Sorted

14th August 2015

The rear suspension has been re-furbished. Not many new parts were needed, it was mainly just bringing out the former glory of this lovely impala by restoring them.

The back end in primer ready for a bit of paint.

Back End and Underneath Painted

10th July 2015

The underneath of the impala got a wash down. It was in amazing condition for a vehicle of this age. Essentially rust free.  We then proceeded to coat the underneath with stone-chip it took a whole eight litres. It then took about four litres of chassis black on top of this.

This should stop the ravages of the British weather for years to come.

The rear end also got primed and a coat of 2k black on the awkward bits. We also primed the Rh wing (fender) whilst we were at it.

Impala now turned around ready for the rear end to be stripped down.

Back to Front

The impala has now been turned around in the work bay.

The front end is all but buttoned down just awaiting a few final parts, so it is time to start work on the rear end.

Right hand doors painted internally and re-hung

Painted the RH Door Shuts

The right hand side is now catching up with the left hand side paint wise.

Door shuts and the inside of the doors are now black.